Siyou Pei
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I am a PhD student at UCLA,

Extended Reality (XR) creates exciting new opportunities for people to interact with computing resources and information. It has a rapidly growing user base that makes many predict that it will be the next ubiquitous device after smartphones. However, the existing interaction bandwidth between users and the Extended Reality does not pair with the content bandwidth provided, which greatly limit the usability of XR, thus affecting the popularity of XR as ubiquitous device.

Therefore, my ultimate goal is to increase the interaction bandwidth between users and XR. There are two dimensions to broaden the bandwidth: techniques/design of interaction with virtual objects and environments, and supporting sensing technologies for XR input/output. Interaction design for a new generation of platforms is challenging while it gives us the opportunity to define a new era of interaction experience. In response, my primary research interests are developing interaction techniques and supporting sensing technologies for XR, in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI). Like how GUI and mouse made computers popular, breakthrough of the human-XR interaction will result in a much larger user group with higher frequency of use, empowered by expressive interaction and related sensing technologies. Humans will get used to being “virtually” present in XR, fluently manipulate virtual objects and explore the environments from all perspectives.

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